UniShow School Assemblies

an action-packed unicycle show

performed by World Champion unicyclist Dustin Kelm

The UniShow is a program like no other! It incorporates an inspirational message illustrated with world-class unicycling, set to positive music. Witness audience engaging unicycle feats on a variety of unicycles up to 10 feet in the air, tricks, comedy and even fire juggling (where appropriate). Dustin's theatrical and dance background make for a very entertaining delivery which has captivated crowds worldwide.

Dustin weaves into the performance his personal story of the challenging road to becoming a World Champion. He uses this as a platform to encourage students to persevere and use their unique abilities to impact the world.

In the last 20 years, Dustin has presented 1,600 awe-inspiring shows to over a million people in 30 countries on 5 continents.

•  Available for assemblies, workshops, family events, and more.
•  Common topics Dustin speaks on include: perseverance, excellence, helping others, his struggle with depression and suicide as a teen (with age appropriate audiences), endurance, making good choices.  Having traveled to over 40 countries Dustin can share from his cross cultural experiences using the creative arts to bring hope, joy and positive impact around the world.
•  Message can be adapted to the theme of your event.
•  Message for public school events is non-sectarian.
•  Typical performance is 30 minutes including time allotted for topic of speaking. (can be adapted to fit your schedule).
•  Sound system provided if needed.
•  References available upon request.
•  Call for a quote; discounts may apply for block bookings.



What they're saying about the UniShow

“This was the best lyceum I have ever seen in my 12 years of being an educator, and I’ve experienced a lot of them!...Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Dustin would prove me wrong.”

-principal at United South Central Middle School, Kiester MN

“It had a WOW factor that really had the kid’s attention.”

-Ryan Chambers, Counselor Mapleton High School, Mapleton OR

“Dustin gives an engaging performance that keeps students and teachers on the edge of their seats! Students take away a valuable message that they will talk about for months after and remember for a lifetime!”

-Carisa Thomason, Physical Education Teacher, Pine Ridge Elementary, Bend OR


“A very unique, powerful message for students in an attention grabbing captivating way.”

“Exciting, engaging, amazing display of skills.”

“Don’t give up is a message our struggling learners can’t hear enough of.”

-teachers at Panther Lake Elementary, Federal Way WA


“It is a wonderful program that all middle level students should see!! It was heartfelt and had an impact on me.”

-teacher at West Delaware Middle School, Manchester IA

“This guy is unbelievable! I highly recommend it!”

-Rod Haugen, Principal South Park Elementary, Rapid City SD


“He held the audience in the palm of his hand. Not an easy feat with middle school students. His timing was impeccable.”

“It was amazing in both talent and inspiration. It was absolutely powerful!”

-teachers at United South Central Middle School, Kiester MN

“Loved the message. Kids could have been entertained for hours. Would love to have you back. I would tell every school to book them and they would have no regrets.”

-Diane McMahon, PTA Program Director, Juniata Elementary, DuBois PA

“I recommend the UniShow as an excellent school assembly. You will be amazed, amused, motivated, inspired and energized. Everyone loved the show – students and teachers alike!”

-Sheila Whalen, Music and PTA Coordinator Cedar Wood Elementary, Bothell WA


“The [students] were in awe of Dustin’s skill! Maintained their interest throughout the entire assembly.”

-principal at Blaine Elementary, Blaine WA

“If you get the opportunity to have Dustin in your school - take it. Nothing like a single wheel act to maintain student attention to get across a message.”

-principal at Northern Lights Secondary School, Moosonee ON Canada

“Excellent message – students were highly engaged.”

-principal at Park Spanish Immersion School, St Louis Park MN


“I strongly recommend this program to other schools.”

“It was a well focused, tightly presented message that was right on for our age kids.”

“The performance was polished and captivating.”

“All-a-round 100% excellent. Go see him!”

“Your presentation was brilliant!”

-principal and teachers at Henkle Middle School, White Salmon WA


“Mesmerizing to his target audience! (He had their attention!)”

-teacher at Skyline Alternative High School, Great Falls MT


“Dustin had good control of the kids…immediately had them interested and engaged. Great program with a strong message…”

“It’s worth seeing/hearing…and kids love it.”

“Fantastic, inspirational.”

-teachers at Finch Elementary, Spokane WA


“You have to see it to believe it.”

“The audience was captivated…It’s a must see.”

-teachers at Brady Public School, Brady MT


“I really felt that Dustin connected well with the kids. I noticed he had their attention the whole time. He is a must see.”

-guidance counselor, La Crescent Middle School, La Crescent MN


“It was excellent. Students were inspired.”

-Daniel Teran-Gallo, Teacher Opportunity Center, Eugene OR


“Perfect job speaking to kids not at them.”

“Students are still talking about the impression you made on [them].”

-teachers at Cedar Manor Intermediate School, St Louis Park MN

“Dustin did a superb job sharing his message with the school children and community. I would HIGHLY recommend [him] to come speak to your school.”

-Wade Iseminger, ASB Advisor, Ocosta Elementary School, Westport WA


“I believe the kids were more engaged in this performance than any other program we have had. Their eyes were glued to [Dustin].”

–instructional assistant at Wilshire Park Elementary, St Anthony MN

“Worthwhile. Fun. Interactive.”

-principal at Vernon Barford Junior High, Edmonton AB Canada


“His message for the kids was great! Nice to have that tie-in with the awesome performance.”

“He should do more of these performances. It kept everyone’s interest for the whole show. It kept everyone on the edge of their seats…fabulous!”

–teachers at Eden Lake Elementary, Eden Prairie MN

“inspiring- engaging- Dustin's personality really made it successful- the pacing of his words, content of his message, his lovely expressions and arm movements made it enticing- he knows how to captivate the audience- great music accompanied his performance- there wasn't a person in the gym that was bored or wanted the performance to be over..... timeless and refreshing performance by a believable person who genuinely enjoyed what he was doing- extremely inspiring to kids and adults- would love to have him back again and already told my teacher friend at another school about Dustin.”

-Leasa Fox, Special Ed Teacher, McCornack Elementary, Eugene OR

“I thought today was going to be a bust, but you made it worth it.”

–a Junior at Eau Claire North HS, WI


 “I liked the really tall unicycle. Is it 41 feet tall?”

-letter received from 1st grader at The Lovett School, Atlanta GA.