Who is Dustin Kelm?

Becoming a World Champion and three-time national champion has not been an easy ride for Dustin Kelm. The whole process began when he received his first unicycle as a gift at the age of ten. Through much persistence and dedication he taught himself how to ride. After two years, Dustin found a local unicycle club and discovered there was more he could do on a unicycle besides his paper route.


Over the next few years, Dustin discovered the thrill of the sport of unicycling. He excelled in racing and freestyle events, setting numerous national and world records in each age bracket during his junior and senior high years. The life experiences gained from national and world competitions at such a young age have been invaluable.


In 1992, Dustin kicked off his solo-performing career with a tour in Japan. At that time, he began developing what has become a one-of-a-kind performance incorporating inspirational and motivational messages illustrated with world-class unicycling set to high-energy music. 

In 2013 Dustin and his wife Katie became the first pair of unicyclists to ride across the United States (Katie is only the 2nd female to accomplish this feat). They rode 3,511 miles/5,650km in 97 days on the RefugeRide to raise support for Syrian refugees.

Dustin is also an accomplished actor and has played Jesus in several different passion plays.  Very few people can say they've been crucified 100's of times! This experience has given Dustin a unique perspective from which to speak about the greatest act of love that has changed the world.


Whether speaking to 15 people or 15,000, Dustin shares a powerful presentation unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. 

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Dustin's stats


In 2013 Dustin and Katie unicycled across America to bring hope and help to displaced Syrians.

-3511 miles/5650km

-97 days

-14 states: GA, AL, MS, TN, KY, IL, MO, KS, NE, CO, WY, UT, ID, OR

-Katie is only the 2nd female to cross the USA on a unicycle

-Dustin and Katie are the first pair of unicyclists to cross the USA

U.S. Title and Award Highlights:

-First Place Collins Cycles Freeride Extreme Mt Bike Competition (on a unicycle), 2004

-Mountain unicycling national champion

-Three time men’s expert freestyle national champion

-Men’s expert freestyle silver medallist

-Expert pairs freestyle silver medallist

-Numerous national and world age group records and titles in the 13-14, 15-16 and 17-18 age categories


World Title Highlights:

-Gold and bronze medallist at the 2002 world championships, Seattle, WA

-Men’s expert freestyle world champion, 1998

-Expert pairs freestyle silver medallist

-Former 1600 meter world record holder

-Downhill gliding world champion (30+ mph on one wheel!)

Some Media Highlights:

Numerous newspaper, magazine, radio and network television appearances in Albania, Canada, Egypt, England, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Peru, Paraguay, Turkey and United States including:

-Two rounds on Yetenek Sizsiniz, Turkey's highest rated TV show.

-TV appearances in Turkey: The Beyaz Show and Mavi Shaker (Blue Candy).

-Multiple SAT 7 broadcast across the Middle East.

-ESPN’s “Amazing Games”.

-Feature of the entire half hour program “Lifeline” on the Pacific Broadcast Association network in Asia.

-Guest instructor on “Introduction to Unicycling” video produced by Unicycle.com.


Other Info:

-Dustin Kelm - Wikipedia page

-Dustin and Katie have performed in over 30 countries throughout North, South and Central America, Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Caribbean.

-Dustin competed in the 500 mile "Ride the Lobster" unicycle race across Nova Scotia, Canada.

-Sponsors: Wyganowski Frames, SafeTec Platforms.

-Dustin has been riding unicycles since 1982.

-Hometown: Minneapolis MN.

-Dustin likes sushi.