What they're saying about the UniShow...

“Amazing! Awe inspiring! I've been in Christian school chapels most of my life as a student, teacher, administrator, as well as the person running chapel. Dustin's show ranks at the top. Engaging, relevant, meaningful, and inspiring. I can't wait to have him back.”

-Gabe Guven, Elementary Principal, Valley Christian Schools, San Jose CA

“He can touch your heart but will also blow your mind.”

-Ed Stuckey, Pastor Ellerslie Road Baptist Church, Edmonton AB

“Dustin did great combining entertainment with a Gospel message. The children LOVED every second of it!”

-Christine Voegeli, Director of Children’s Ministries, Presbyterian Church of New Providence, New Providence NJ

“This is a must see experience for your school. But, don't just limit it to your school or church, invite your community and use this as an outreach tool to bring people into your school and church.”

-Andy Bell, Principal, Director of Athletics Christian School of York, York PA

“The best assembly in school history! Students, parents and school staff were amazed and inspired!”

-Tim Piazza, Principal, Westside Christian School, Westlake OH

“Dustin was WONDERFUL!!  All of us would highly recommend [his] program!  He is definitely a professional in his sport, and he is also very genuine as a person which allows him to connect readily with all ages in the audience.  His message of God’s truth is very heartfelt, and he presents it in a meaningful way.  We cannot say enough how much the students (and the adults!) enjoyed the program!”

-Sheri Hewett, Administrative Assistant, Faith Bible Christian School, Portland OR

“The UniShow will be one of the most memorable Gospel presentations you will ever experience! Book it right away!”

-Paul Sewell, Mission Team Member, Oak Hill Baptist Church, Griffin GA


“It was amazing and the students absolutely loved the show!  This is a show that is highly entertaining and has a dynamic spiritual message all in one!”

-Felicia Oliver, High School Principal, Layton Christian Academy, Layton UT


“The UniShow was more than I anticipated it being. The transparency of the cast was awesome! It gave the students people they could relate to and identify with their struggles.”

-Angie Justice, K-8 Principal, Layton Christian Academy, Layton UT

Students talked about it for days! They were so excited and understood at different levels the importance of finding their nitch and using it to bring glory to God.”

-Natelle Austin, Elementary Coordinator Grace Academy, Marysville WA


“UniShow's performance exemplifies what it means to serve God with all your heart, mind, and strength. This team pours all that God has given them into their show and impacts their audience with their passion for God and people.”

-Julianna Camareno, Founder, God’s Girls, Northfield MN


“The UniShow is fun for all ages! The performance is engaging and Dustin’s story, woven throughout, is encouraging and uplifting.  Really connected with all ages while being wonderfully clear with the Gospel!!!”

-Nyke Gatlin, Regional Pastor, McLean Bible Church, Vienna VA

“Riveting skills with a powerful message!”

-Barb Harbert, Nakuru Kenya


“Our students, 6th-12th grade were captivated by the skills Dustin displayed. He was engaging and urged our students to live for Christ. Excellent chapel service.”

-Perry Floyd, Chaplain, Hope Christian Schools, Albuquerque NM


“UniShow is out of this world!!”

-Joe Pizzuto-Pomaco, Teacher, Cumberland Christian School, Vineland NJ


“Outstanding performance and he did a wonderful job of presenting the Gospel message. We have received many, many compliments and not one complaint!  Before we booked Dustin I called 5 different churches and they all had the same glowing remarks!”

-Thad Abel, Director Upwards Basketball and Cheerleading in Byron Center, Grandville MI


“Dustin was great in demonstrating and verbally sharing how we can use our own unique and individual skills for God's glory.  The students were thrilled and amazed at Dustin's performance - even more than they anticipated they would be.”

-Elwood Nelson, Teacher, Rift Valley Academy, Nairobi Kenya

Dustin related to the audience in a very heartfelt and extremely relevant way. Emptiness, suicide, and broken homes are becoming more and more common, and his way of personally addressing these issues while at the same time pointing to the hope found in Jesus Christ couldn't have been done better!”

-Kevin Ruthven, Chaplain Rehoboth Christian School, Rehoboth NM


“Book them, you will not regret it.  Best chapel we ever had.”

-Beth Hoover, High School Math Teacher, Lititz Christian School, Lititz PA


Clever, entertaining, enlightening, glorifying.”

-Pam Williquette, Good News Club Director, Pine City MN

“My daughter's comment was, "Wow, Dustin is like a world champion, but he treats me just like a real friend." I think that says a lot about how kids feel valued and see integrity, humility, and authenticity in you guys.”

-Julianna Camareno, Founder, God’s Girls, Northfield MN


“What a great, energetic, nail-biting experience, that also took time to share about the importance of salvation with Jesus on the cross. Such a powerful and relatable message for students and adults alike!”

-Kaylee Salser, Spiritual Life Office, LeTourneau University, Longview TX


This is way more than a show. You will get a team that connects with just about everyone in your school and the students will walk away talking about the message as much as the show.”

-Kevin Taylor, Area Director, Youth For Christ, Alexandria MN


“This is a very engaging show! The message is a great starting point for discussions on using your talents and gifts for God. This is a very fresh new way to present a timeless message of using what gifts God gives you to serve him.”

-Trish Dowd, Teacher, Bethany Christian School, Oxford PA


“The UniShow was a phenomenal experience! My whole family loved it.”

-Birgit Feig, Leader, God’s Girls, Northfield MN


“It was awesome. Truly amazing.”

-Joey Martin, Deacon, Oak Hill Baptist Church, Griffin GA


“It was crazy and it will just blow your mind what he can do; [Dustin] is changing lives.”

-Doug Palmer, The Conference Council on Youth Ministries of the RMCUMC, Longmont CO


“This was one of the best FCA meetings we have ever had! Dustin kept the students entertained and engaged for 30 minutes AND shared about Jesus at the same time! What a wonderful unique way to spread the Gospel!”

-Sherry Gamel, Teacher, Alexander High School, Douglasville GA


“The UniShow…performed a show that connected with the very diverse age groups at our organization. The very powerful message was reinforced by the artistry and excellence of the performance. Our students and kids can’t stop talking about it!”

-Zachary Schmitt, Director of Students and Kids, Grace Church, Chaska MN


Dustin is so engaging and entertaining! His incredible unicycling combined with the message of the Gospel will keep any audience on the edge of their seats and their ears open to the message.”

-Chris Zeigler, Assistant Director, BASIC College Ministries, Lima NY


“Dustin has been given a true gift to share the message of Christ with youth in a way that truly speaks to their hearts. Impressing teenage boys is difficult, but he had them captivated!”

-Elizabeth Callaghan, Secondary History Teacher, Grace Academy, Marysville WA


“Dustin has been blessed by God with the ability to keep the audience captivated with his stunts and performances along with pointing them to the Source of our hope and life. Every time we have him for our event, we are very pleased.”

-Howie Schomer, Oktoberfest Chair, Pierz MN


“It was extremely entertaining and impressive, and Dustin does an excellent job of incorporating the Gospel throughout his message. I also liked the example that he sets for others on how anyone can use their gifts and abilities to spread God's love to others and glorify Him.”

-Jason Lovvorn, Head of School, First Baptist Academy, Dallas TX


“Fabulous program and loved the message! Thanks for sharing!”

-Nancy Holmes, Wednesday Night Director, Barton Church, Boring OR


“Dustin and the UniShow team are amazing! Very professional yet down-to-earth and they connect with all ages in the audience. The show is put together very well and keeps everyone engaged with one "wow" after another. The challenging message is neatly woven through the show.”

-Elwood Nelson, Dean of Students, Rift Valley Academy, Kijabe Kenya


You won't be disappointed! This is a good way to share Christ with kids and young people, as well as adults.”

-Rick Mitchell, Pastor Island Baptist Church, Camano Island WA


“Your message was powerful, deep, good doctrine, inspiring, just what we wanted our kids to hear.”

-Parents, God’s Girls, Northfield MN


“Better than going to the Circus! Christ-Centered! Outreach focused!  Entertainer in the truest, best sense!”

-Bill MacLeod, Founder/CEO Mission ConneXion, Portland OR


Awesome! Fun, energetic, and a great message!”

-Erica Alexandria, Events Coordinator for NightVision Festival, Olathe CO


“UniShow is a must see! He will have your jaws dropped! This show brings hope.”

-Weston Francis, Field Worker Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Kykotsmovi AZ


“I would recommend Dustin's program to anyone. Dustin's performance is professional, personable and has a powerful message that can impact many lives. I would strongly recommend you partner with Dustin and Katie!”

-Christopher Tangert, Associate Pastor DOVE Westgate Church, Ephrata PA


“I felt like a five year old, I was so excited (I'm a staff member with high school and college age kids!)”

-Joan Mitchell, Spanish Teacher, Rift Valley Academy, Nairobi Kenya


“Dustin did an excellent job of keeping the attention of the student for K-12 grade. That is an almost impossible thing to do. But, he was able keep them focused on the message using his talents and skills.”

-Don Hehe, Teacher, Grace Academy, Marysville WA


“UniShow was everything as promised: fun, high energy, awe inspiring, engaging. Unicycling ten feet above the ground gives Dustin a powerful platform for sharing the Truth of God's Word.”

-Bill Abeler, Executive Director for Camp Lebanon, Burtrum MN


“Excellent and very fun! Amazing actually. The kids really enjoyed it and were mesmerized by all that he did! Very pleased with the whole performance! God is using you to spread the Gospel and proclaim the good news.”

-Lisa Davis, Children’s Director, Alderwood Community Church, Lynnwood WA


“Kids loved it. They've seen Dustin before and enjoyed him just as much or more on the return visit.”

-Gabe Guven, Elementary Principal, Valley Christian Schools, San Jose CA


“The UniShow is a high-energy display of incredible talent and passion. The showmanship combined with a genuine heart for God will do nothing but add value to your event!”

-Elizabeth Dorsey, Creative Arts Director, BASIC College Ministries, Lima NY


“Best assembly /chapel of the year!!!!”

-Lisa Finley, Kindergarten Teacher, Grace Academy, Marysville WA


“GREAT, professional, easy to work with, hard worker, sweet spirit in both, clear communicator of Gospel.”

-Shane Wilbanks, Student Pastor, New Hope Baptist Church, Senoia GA


Dustin inspires, not only with his tremendous physical gifts, but more so with his story of hope.”

-Blake Hiemstra, Middle School Principal, Central Valley Christian School, Visalia CA


“Dustin's physical gift is obvious but his love for Jesus is what really shines in his message.”

-Kelby Watts, Alexander HS FCA co-sponsor, Douglasville GA


“Dustin's program is a well-balanced blend of excitement, audience engagement, and unique skill, all grounded in love for Jesus Christ. Both children and parents loved it.”

-Sarah Storvick, Minister of Congregational Life, Resurrection Lutheran, Woodbury MN


“Fun, exciting, different, original.”

-Lana Genta, Teacher, Cumberland Christian School, Vineland NJ


“You need to see this couple that have a unique outreach ministry. Highly entertaining, captivating, engaging with a gospel message.”

-Joan Dabrowski, Yearbook/Art Teacher, Grace Academy, Marysville WA

Very entertaining, very exciting, unique, and a great message.”

-Aaron Hill, Pastor of Involvement, Oak Hill Baptist Church, Griffin GA


“Dustin does a fabulous job using his gift to bring attention to the Gospel. His message was right on with what our students needed to hear. He blended humor in a great way to keep the students tuned in.”

-Kevin McGee, Campus Pastor, Rosslyn Academy, Nairobi Kenya


“It's exciting and keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. The message he shares about how God can use any gift you have in unexpected ways is inspiring and encouraging. The quality, professionalism, and message were outstanding!”

-Chris Zeigler, Assistant Director, BASIC College Ministries


“Dustin's message to our school and guests was powerful, penetrating, unforgettable!  Our KVCS students and teachers were in awe!”

-Ruthanne Dolezal, Administrator Kootenai Valley Christian School, Libby MT


“Very entertaining with a clear message of the Gospel.”

-Mark Shuman, Local Outreach Team Leader, Dove Westgate Church, Ephrata PA


Great message, high energy, fun for every age.  Dustin did a great job sharing his message of hope with our students. All of the students I talked to loved the show and were just as impressed with his message as they were with his skills on the unicycle.”

-Cameron Ness, Youth Pastor, South Beach Christian Center, Grayland WA


“We were so impressed with Dustin's phenomenal skills and abilities, how the intensity and pace of the program held the attention of our kids, and how his stories and comments gave the kids a great example of spiritual depth.”

-Teacher, Plainview Christian Academy, Plainview TX


“If you have the chance, get them to your school.”

-Charles Caldwell, Music Director, Cumberland Christian School, Vineland NJ


“Dustin’s program hit every aspect of exciting, from his message to his performing.  He engaged the whole audience with not only his performing, but also God’s message of hope and life!  He was incredible! Not many people can catch 200 6th-8th grade student’s attention for 45 minutes.  Dustin did – he was phenomenal.”

-Jason Bollback, Pastor of Junior High Ministries, Constance Free Church, Andover MN


Awesome! It was exactly what our school students and families needed to hear.  Loved...every...single...second!

-Andy Bell, Principal, Director of Athletics, Christian School of York, York PA


“Well worth it!!”

-Matt Reeve, Associate Pastor/Student Ministries, ParkSide Church, Waconia MN


“Dustin has a unique and exciting program that impressed and amazed the audience.  He engaged them through participation, thrilled them with his show and gave them something worthwhile to think about…He made our event memorable for all.”

-Jeff Naegelen, Associate Pastor, Alliance Church of the Valley, St. Croix Falls WI


“[Dustin] is a passionate and dynamic speaker who wants to see the youth of the world changed.”

-Tina Barham, Ministry Assistant, Camp Rivercrest, Fremont NE


“Outstanding and extraordinary! Unlike any balancing and juggling act you've seen. Dustin and Katie Kelm bring heart and purpose to their UniShow as well as expert-level unicycle skill which engages audiences of all ages.”

-Ginger Kunz, Events Coordinator, Cathcart Unicycle Club, Snohomish WA


“It was entertaining, breath taking, relevant, inspiring and powerful.  Dustin has a unique way of using his talents to communicate biblical truth and to inspire others to use their gifts to bring glory to God.”

-Rick Wallace, Student Ministries Pastor, Rose Hill Alliance, Roseville MN


“Dustin is an amazing example of someone who truly uses his gifts and talents to glorify God and make Him known.”

-Dane LePlatt, Student Pastor, Sagebrush Church, Farmington NM


“The UniShow was perfect alternative for our normal Wednesday night programing! It was great for both my middle and high school students. The message as well as the performance was 100% God honoring.”

-Clint Nolder, Student Minister, Peachtree City Christian Church, Peachtree City GA


“Excellent – top notch.”

-Chris Mixer, Youth Minister, Hillside United Methodist Church, Woodstock GA

“The show was amazing! Talent and messages met our group right where we were at and was so exciting and inspirational for both kids and adults!”

-Bonnie Pape, Leader, God’s Girls, Northfield MN


“Impressive!  Must-see!”

-Major Chipp Windham, Divisional Youth Secretary, The Salvation Army, Roseville MN


“The UniShow is an entertaining, exciting, and one of a kind performance that effectively communicates the Gospel. I highly recommend the UniShow to perform at one of your events.”

-Jonathan Burgio, Executive Director BASIC College Ministries, Lima NY


“It is one of our school’s favorite Chapels! We have had the privilege of seeing Dustin twice and the kids already want to know when he will be back!”

-Susie Wolph, Chapel Coordinator, Heritage Christian Academy, Bothell WA


“A wonderful, exciting program that has a great message throughout all that He does. It was amazing. The message was so on target for our kids. He kept their attention the entire time. Great job!”

-Linda Baxter, Children’s Pastor, Flat Creek Baptist Church, Fayetteville GA


“Students of all ages were engaged and amazed!”

-Teacher, Lititz Christian School, Lititz PA


“I think campers could have watched [Dustin] for ever.”

-Anna Fischer, Women’s Director, T Bar M Camps – Camp Travis, Spicewood TX


“In such a creative way, Dustin shows how the story of Jesus, and his own story come together. Dustin's heart and his story are genuine, and the show is so fun! I wish we could have someone like Dustin come every week. The kids never listen the way they did to Dustin. Their eyes were glued on him the whole time.”

-Maribeth Ward, Director of Prevention Programming, NightLight Atlanta, Atlanta GA


 “There are a lot of, “No, he did not just do that” moments.  Dustin’s heart for the gospel and the way he keeps the performance as edgy as possible is truly awesome.  We will definitely have them back.”

-Joshua Edwards, Youth Minister, Lighthouse Community Church, Rosemount MN


“You’ve got to grab onto this as a solid, creative option to communicate God’s story!”

-Brian Suter, Pastor of Student Ministries, Westwood Community Church, Excelsior MN


“Dustin has a very unique way of sharing the Gospel. He is both entertaining as well as a great speaker. I would recommend his show to any age group…the background music that was played suited his performance and message perfectly! It was very catchy and told a story within itself. LOVED IT!”

-Shelley Stanfield, Youth Volunteer, Peachtree City Christian Church, Peachtree City GA


“Dustin presents the Gospel in a fun, relevant way. Everyone at the event, young and old, walked away amazed and encouraged.”

-J.D. O’Brien, Youth and Worship Director, Good Shepherd Covenant Church, Blaine MN


“Dustin came to my church youth group over a year ago.  He touched my heart right when I was giving up hope…his message is right on…powerful, moving and totally important!!”

-Aeriel Anderson, student


“Fabulous way to draw a crowd and his testimony is a powerful evangelistic message.”

-John Blake, Founder President of Decision/Spain, Madrid Spain


“I’ve heard many reports from people who appreciated your shows; not only the performance, but also your words.”

-Krystin Dyck, Youth Quake Administrator, Briercrest College, Caronport SK


“Dustin's program is engaging, sprit-filled and fun. He has captured a unique way to deliver God's message. It was incredible!”

-Greg Summers, Youth Pastor, First Christian Church, Bloomington IL


“I appreciate that your content was sincere, your abilities class, and your interactions with us professional and easy.”

-Lori Nellist, Children’s Director, World Outreach Church, Murfreesboro TN


“Dustin won the audience…[he] was thoroughly reliable and professional.”

-John Carlson, Worship Pastor for Wayzata Evangelical Free Church, Wayzata MN


“The unicycling was definitely the best part of the whole thing…what an awesome experience it was to see someone so on fire for God using their talents to reach out to the kids.”

-Sophomore, Believe Conference, Nashville TN


“Crazy skills – wild spectacle – powerful testimony.”

-Bill Haslim, Pastor for Student Ministries, Community Presbyterian, Danville CA

“[The message] was very applicable. Touched many issues kids struggle with.”

-Peter Paulson, Pastor of Student Ministries, Riverside Church, Monticello MN


“The best chapel experience of my life. Everyone will be blessed by Dustin's talents and his heart for God!”

-Gabe Guven, Elementary Principal, Valley Christian Schools, San Jose CA


“The personal story brought incredible validity to what and why you do what you do…It is both exciting and compelling.”

-Deana Dickerson, Jr. High Director, Community Presbyterian, Danville CA


“I was really skeptical at first, I’m not going to lie, but Dustin tore it up!  The kids loved him!”

-Sarah Konen, Junior High Associate, Constance Free Church, Andover MN


“It was a perfect blend of talent and testimony. It was amazing! All performers connected to the audience.”

-Wanda Carr, Teacher, Cumberland Christian School, Vineland NJ


“You have a unique blend of talents and testimony; God is clearly using you to touch children’s lives.”

–Sarah Storvick, Director of Children’s Ministries, Resurrection Lutheran, Woodbury MN


“The quality of performance earned the right from the audience to listen.”

Dennis Siler, Living Water Bible Camp Executive Director, Westby WI


“Great program; very worth having.”

“Fabulous, exciting.”

“The kids were riveted on your performance, yet nothing was taken away from the message.”

-Teachers, Wooddale Church, Eden Prairie MN


“Would highly recommend - great combination of skill and ability to grab attention with a message that spoke to kids.”

-Jim Cochran, Principal, Faith Bible Christian School, Aloha OR


“I thought the program was excellent and I liked the way he tied his experiences to his journey of faith.  He really captured the kids attention and interest!”

“Very positive from ALL.”

–Staff Members, Resurrection Lutheran Church, Woodbury MN

“I would highly recommend seeing the show. Amazing talent and message.”

-Jackie Ohmann, Leader, God’s Girls, Northfield MN


“Very entertaining but with purpose.”

“Dustin did a great job connecting with our crowd.”

“Great show and worthwhile; Dustin was a treat to work with.”

“The ‘WOW’ factor…like ‘No, he didn’t just do that!’”  

-staff at World Outreach Church youth event, Murfreesboro, TN


“I thought today was going to be a bust, but you made it worth it.”

–a Junior at Eau Claire North HS, WI


“I liked the combining of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, humor, sight, sound, and song (music).  I am even more impressed than I thought I would be…”

–Adam Timberlake, Young Life ReaLife Director, Stillwater MN

“I would highly recommend this show to other schools. It is great to have such good role models for our students to look up to.”

-Sandy Thomas, Principal, Vineyard Christian School, Grants Pass OR


“I’m going to meet your God soon.  I need a God like yours!”

–a woman at the “Too Much Fun” fundraiser for Angeltree, Maple Grove MN


“I Don’t think anyone ever has had that Log of a clap at chapel!”

“I liked the really tall unicycle.  Is it 41 feet tall?”

“You must half to practice alot and you must half to have alot of strength and courge also faith and I no who gave you all of courge and faith God did.” 

-letters we received from 1st graders at The Lovett School, Atlanta GA.

“GET HIM!!! It is so unique, yet powerful in the gospel message.  He is a great communicator of the gospel message, creative in bringing the gospel message through and very professional with the unicycle to draw big crowds. He is also very open and adaptive in his environment and situation to make the best out of the situation. We as YWAM Lausanne hope to have him join as much as he is able to in future outreach opportunities!!”

-Luzanne Esmeraldo, Event Coordinator, YWAM Lausanne, Switzerland


“Fun and filled of God.”

-student youth leader at Hillside United Methodist X-Zone, Woodstock GA

“I am telling everyone what a professional and powerful presentation Dustin and Katie delivered at our school. I can sincerely say that our entire student body and staff were profoundly impacted. I would highly recommend Dustin and Katie Kelm to any school, Church, youth or community organization! The UniShow was a gift from God to our school!!”

-Ruthanne Dolezal, Administrator Kootenai Valley Christian School, Libby MT