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UniShow is a one-of-a-kind performance incorporating a motivational and inspirational message illustrated with world-class unicycling set to high-energy music. Witness a variety of unicycles demonstrated by world champion unicyclist Dustin Kelm: freestyle, mountain, racing, the ultimate wheel, a double wheel (no trick here, it’s not a bike), a six-footer and for the grand finale your students will scream when he comes out juggling on his ten-footer!

Dustin’s unique abilities and presentation captivates kids of all ages. Using unicycling as a metaphor, Dustin gives a vivid demonstration of persistence and dedication, challenging youth to have the character to accomplish anything they put their minds to. This is a program like no other!

Available for assemblies, workshops, family events, and more

-Message can be adapted to the theme of your event

-Typical program is 45 minutes

-Sound system provided if needed

-References available upon request

-Call for a quote, discounts may apply for block bookings

phone: 952.232.5111

email us for more info